A time has come to look for alternatives about the most basic human needs – air, food, and water. All of these have reached a time when healthy consumption of them is limited. The ordinary life and consuming what is offered can’t be guaranteed that you’re going to get a healthy product.

In this article, we’re going to talk more about the last one. We’ll pay more attention to this as it is the worst problem of them all in the US. In many American states, the public service that is supposed to provide safe drinkable water is failing to do so. Read more about this problem here.

The only ultimate solution is to install a whole house filtration system that will provide a clean product for the entire home. Wherever you turn on the faucet you’ll have the filter working for your health.

Choosing the best one among all of them on the market is not easy. We’re going to show you what is needed for finding the best one of all. Follow up if you want to know more about the subject!

How to know what you need

Usually, the American homes suffer from toxins inside the mains that are filled with lead particles or other ingredients that are getting inside because of the age of the pipes. Most of them are were made a long time ago with materials that are not perfect for human health, and now it is being consumed by people.

For this, you most often need an activated carbon or reverse osmosis filter. They are proven to work excellent for the needs of the problem people have with the community mains. However, even between them, there are lots that are not worth buying and others that proven to be excellent. Here are a few that will work excellent for you!

APEC Ultra Safe Reverse Osmosis

This one is capable of removing 99% of all the toxins and provide the ultimate safe drinking water. It has an amazing 5 stages of filtration to provide the result that is no match for the competition.

It is able to clean lead, heavy metals, viruses, bacteria, chlorine, and other things. When you install this on your mainline, you can be sure that you’re going to get an absolutely perfect product. Learn more about reverse osmosis here: https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/biochemistry-genetics-and-molecular-biology/reverse-osmosis.

Express Whole House Filter

This one is made of three stages. The first one is a sediment filter that prevents, as the name suggests, the entrance of sand, dirt, rocks, and similar. The second one is a kinetic degradation fluxion that prevents heavy metals to continue their path. The third and final one is activated carbon which captures chlorine, pesticides, bacteria, and others.

Home Master Whole House Filter

This one is also made of three filters but each one of them has added more levels of protection. It prevents bacteria, different chemicals, sediment, iron, manganese, sulfide, chlorine, and others. The three levels with multiples membranes give the users one of the best experiences on the market.

Should I buy one of these?

Most of the time, those who are the most popular are at the same time the least affordable. It’s best to do proper research on the market and check out if there’s something that’s more affordable but offers great or maybe even better quality than these ones.

It’s up to users to decide which option is the best for them. Sometimes, none of these options are suitable for someone. In situations like these, it’s completely okay to look for what suits perfectly for you. You don’t even have to get yourself a whole house system. It all depends on what is needed for you.


Even though we mentioned some of the best ones out there, it’s important to know what is needed for your home. Take the number of POU and see if you really need a whole house system. Maybe all you need is a faucet purifier or a pitcher that will provide drinking water.

Of course, it’s always great to have one place at the beginning of the plumbing network of your home to solve this problem. Why? Because you don’t use the water only for drinking. You’re also showering, washing the dishes, washing the clothes and other uses too. The health of people depends on these actions too.

Lots of people suffer from skin conditions due to these problems. You’ll solve most of the problems and toxin consumption by getting a pitcher, but one of the best whole house water filters in 2020 that we mentioned above is going to give you a whole different perspective on your health.

You might realize that a lot of problems you had were not connected to something else than the toxins you get in touch every day.